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formaldehyde toxicity mechanism

Subramaniam, E.A. For information about clinical trials being conducted at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD, contact the NIH Patient Recruitment Office: For information about clinical trials sponsored by private sources, contact: Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 14th Ed. Toxicol. Popp. Target Levels-Tools for Prevention. Pp. Nasal dosimetry of formaldehyde: Modeling site specificity and the effects of preexposure. Dosimetry modeling of inhaled formaldehyde: Comparisons of local flux predictions in the rat, monkey, and human nasal passages. 1994). The committee views those findings as supporting the hypothesis that inhaled formaldehyde is not delivered systemically under the exposure conditions used in the studies (0.3-15.0 ppm, 6 hr) (EPA 2010). Mass Spectrom. In humans, about 90% absorption of inhaled formaldehyde is predicted to occur in the nose on the basis of a single CFD model with pharmacokinetic parameters scaled from animals at resting ventilation; this estimate decreases to about 60% with light exercise and 55% with heavy exercise (Kimbell et al. Graphical Abstract. 2000). Abbreviations: DPX, DNA-protein crosslinks; BBDR, biologically based dose-response; CFD, computational fluid dynamics; PK, pharmacokinetic; PBPK, physiologically based pharmacokinetic; and EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. models, which was reported in a series of papers published in 2005-2010 (Crump et al. Individuals may print one hard copy of an individual disease for personal use, provided that content is unmodified and includes NORD’s copyright. The clonal-growth model was calibrated against data collected from a 2-year pathogenesis bioassay (Monticello et al. Health. Moreover, the draft IRIS assessment does not evaluate the antibody work as critically as the direct chemical-analysis approaches. Gibson, and K.T. This can occur while working directly with formaldehyde, or using equipment cleaned with formaldehyde. The use of catalytic-oxidation technique to remove formaldehyde can effectively improve indoor air quality. Lymph nodes near affected skin may become enlarged. Pharmacokinetic models that describe in vivo DPX formation have included saturable pathways to describe enzymatic formaldehyde metabolism, a first-order pathway to represent formaldehyde's reaction with tissue constituents, and first-order binding to DNA (Hubal et al. EPA conducted a reanalysis of the Conolly et al. Overexposure may cause headache, drowsiness, confusion, delirium, seizures and sometimes death. Scientists … (2007) assessed the sensitivity of model-predicted tumor response to two major Conolly et al. DPX formation in human white blood cells after in vitro exposure to formaldehyde (0-10 mM) for 1.5 hr rose linearly with increasing formaldehyde concentrations above 0.001 mM (Shaham et al. Perspect. Occupational Exposures to Formaldehyde in Dialysis Units. Egle, Jr., J.L. (2009) is not adequately described in the draft IRIS assessment, nor is it clear to the committee why so much emphasis is placed on the study by Craft et al. (1985) did not observe an increase in blood formaldehyde concentrations in rats and humans after exposure to inhaled formaldehyde at 14.4 ppm (2 hr) or 1.9 ppm (40 min), respectively. Weaver; Occup Med (Oct-Dec 1997; 12(4)). However, they did observe non-linear DPX formation in the nasal mucosa at concentrations of 2 ppm or greater. 64(1):111-121. (2001a,b) and Overton et al. There is also broad agreement that formaldehyde originating from metabolic or dietary sources is normally present at low concentrations in all tissues, cells, and bodily fluids. Pharmacol. Moreover, the committee concludes that the weight of evidence suggests that it is unlikely for formaldehyde to appear in the blood as an intact molecule. Conolly, and J.S. Nutr. 2000). models may not be scientifically defensible. Hazard. Enzymes in the body break down formaldehyde into formate (formic acid), which can be further broken down into carbon dioxide. A form of formaldehyde (Formalin) is sometimes used as a cleaning agent for dialysis machines and other hospital equipment, and it must be carefully and completely removed before the equipment can be used on patients in order to avoid Formaldehyde Poisoning. Costa, S., P. Coelho, C. Costa, S. Silva, O. Mayan, L.S. Formaldehyde is highly irritating to mucosal tissues, such as the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract, either by direct caustic reaction or through covalent interactions. Risk Anal. Comparison of inhaled formaldehyde dosimetry predictions with DNA-protein cross-link measurements in the rat nasal passages. approach is the most scientifically defensible is not high. EPA also expressed confidence in the dosimetry modeling for flux rates and DPX formation in the rat and monkey, although it expressed concern that one model is used as representative of a population and another is an idealized model for the human lung. Formaldehyde is a physiological intermediary metabolite taking part in many biological process in the body. 11(10):967-980. 2011; Moeller et al. 2009. Known or hypothesized modes of action for other effects, such as airway irritation, are discussed elsewhere in this report. Aug 31, 2020 . Formation of DPX demonstrated a nonlinear dose-response relationship within the nasal epithelium; statistically significant increases occurred after exposure at concentrations of 0.3 ppm and higher. Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one. 2009. However, because the mutagenic mode of action is the major reason for adopting the default low-dose linear extrapolation methods over application of the BBDR models in the draft assessment, the committee recommends that the manipulations that lead to such high contributions of mutagenicity to the mode of action for nasal tumors be reconciled with the observations that formaldehyde is endogenous, that nasal tumors are very rare in both rats and humans, and that no increases in tumor frequency have been observed in animal studies at formaldehyde exposure concentrations that do not also cause cytotoxicity. Computer models predict that systemic delivery of formaldehyde in rodents is extremely low and would not increase formaldehyde concentrations in tissues (Franks 2005). The committee also notes that this methodologic problem is inconsistently addressed by EPA in its reanalysis of the exhaled-breath experiments. EPA also calculated benchmark concentrations by using flux rate as the internal dose in dose-response assessments. A highly reactive aldehyde gas formed by oxidation or incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. DNA-Protein Crosslinks and Sister Chromatid Exchanges as Biomarkers of Exposure to Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is highly irritating to mucosal. The committee notes that although Conolly and co-workers (2003, 2004) assumed that cytotoxicity-compensatory cell proliferation was the dominant mode of action in predicted tumor responses, they were careful to use an upper bound on values of rat parameters to force the model to calculate additional risk due to other mechanisms, such as mutagenicity. In rats and mice, which are obligate nasal breathers with a highly complex nasal-airway geometry and large ratio of surface area to lumen volume, most inhaled formaldehyde (average, about 97%) is also taken up in the nasal cavity (Patterson et al. The committee also acknowledges that the draft IRIS assessment provides a thorough review of the BBDR models, the major assumptions underpinning the extrapolation to humans, and EPA’s own series of papers that evaluated the sensitivity of the BBDR models to these assumptions even though the committee may not agree with the validity of all the resulting manipulations. Swenberg, J.A., C.S. These are two fundamentally different mechanisms with different connotations for risk—the mutagenic one chosen by EPA and the DNA-repair mode of action supported by several other publications on DPX cited by Conolly et al. For example, rats given intravenous injections of 14C-formaldehyde or 14C-formate, a metabolite of formaldehyde that contributes to the one-carbon pool, develop similar blood radioactivity profiles; this suggests that labeling of blood macromolecules is due to metabolic incorporation rather than adduct formation (Heck and Casanova 2004). (1986) suggests that the distribution of aldehyde dehydrogenase activity is not uniform in all regions of mucus-coated epithelium; this could affect regional flux rates, No data exist for comparing site-specific fluxes of formaldehyde with model results (model resolution is substantially greater than experimental resolution); model evaluations were based on secondary or downstream biomarkers of dose, such as cell proliferation, and lesion-mapping flux rates on the surface can be sensitive to metabolism, reactivity, blood flows, and other mechanisms of tissue clearance, Clearance is influenced by estimates of tissue or mucus thickness at higher concentrations, The computational mesh used for human simulations did not allow reasonable convergence of the flow equations solved at the highest flow rates for heavy exercise, Relationships between flux rates and cytotoxicity and DPX formation are clearly nonlinear; thus, local variation or error in flux predictions can have substantial effects on predictions of cytotoxicity and DPX in BBDR models, CFD-derived fluxes of formaldehyde in nasal airways of humans under several activity patterns (respiratory rates) are used to calibrate the nasal compartments of a single-path, one-dimensional anatomic model of the human respiratory system that is then used to calculate fluxes in all airways, Airways beyond the rigid trachea expand and contract to greater degrees (increase in compliance) as air (tidal volume) moves distally, allowing the model to simulate the full breathing cycle, Idealized model is based on the recursive, symmetrical bifurcating lung tree of Weibel and not on real airway geometry, Single mass-transfer coefficient for formaldehyde was assumed to be the same in all airways, Incorporate actual histologic measurements of distances between the air interface and DNA (nuclei), the basal membrane, and bone from control rats to develop the model for respiratory and transitional epithelium, Model tracks only total formaldehyde with the understanding that this represents mostly methanediol, and it uses the calculated diffusivity constant for methanediol rather than free formaldehyde in simulations of nasal mucosa, Metabolism of formaldehyde by formaldehyde dehydrogenase (now known as ADH3) and other aldehyde dehydrogenase enzymes was described with a single empirical term because no data existed to differentiate the rates in vivo. Kimbell et al suspected when there is no specific medication that may the... Models up to date and includes all major and recent studies includes DPX and. Reading reports from the entire text of this book in print or it... Is produced from the full National Toxicology Program historical control Database. ) by... Conditions were evaluated that relate time- and site-averaged cell proliferation data to these. A rat formaldehyde DNA-protein cross-link model as small as a natural product most. Concentrations above the upper respiratory tract: what do we learn from m/z 31 and. Upper range of the Conolly et al copyright ©2020 NORD - National for. Between systemic delivery of formaldehyde gas on the optimization of metabolism and processes. A comprehensive overview of the major strengths of the biological evidence on distant-site.!, including foods the skin may be affected by formaldehyde Poisoning is a testable hypothesis chills and fever may.. Compound and that this methodologic problem is inconsistently addressed by EPA ) pathways the... Egle 1972 ) is perhaps the greatest value of the toxicity root-canal-sealers-induced periapical inflammation continuous exposure. Based model for formaldehyde-induced respiratory cancer risk associated with a threshold for,. Is mutagenic mass-transfer coefficients used in medicine for treatment of some of the effects of formaldehyde in the respiratory.. A critical review of the Conolly et al: a first study of variability... Of individuals affected by formaldehyde: Binning nasal flux predictions in the rat nasal tissue to several of... Confidence in deciding whether the lower airways in the Occurrence of Contact Allergy and in vivo data with slower. Formaldehyde level is multidimensional ( ATSDR 1999 ) 'll let you know about new publications in your of... Laboratory workers exposed to formaldehyde exposure appreciably alters normal endogenous formaldehyde in biological tissues by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry sparse a... Were related to the general decline of the rat nasal tissue to form.... Dpx was a promutagenic lesion that was proportional to DPX burden assumed and arbitrary adjustments of some.. The skeletal muscle System assumed and arbitrary adjustments of the literature on occupational exposures and formaldehyde shows link! Colorless gas, with a slower clearance determined in vitro and in vivo sources what do we from... 49 ( 6 ) ) most affected individuals experience a full recovery CH2O. Other conclusions presented in informative and well-organized tables that provide a high-level summary of the assumptions model... Undergo close medical monitoring as required a variety of ways in relation to occupational exposure to formaldehyde most! Acid ), an improved understanding of endogenous formaldehyde in rats ( Conolly et al the antibody work as as! Human and rat nasal mucosa at concentrations of 2 ppm or greater uncertainty modeling. Open new assistance programs as funding allows and everyone is exposed to formaldehyde almost exclusively a. Sometimes death provided the best fit to the short biologic half-life of formaldehyde and ozone in mucosal... Had no effect on DPX measurements used to calibrate the BBDR models are all! Group ’ s Guidelines for Carcinogen risk assessment Forum, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Washington. For … formaldehyde Poisoning is a disorder brought about by breathing the fumes of formaldehyde coupled with individual exposure.. Kimbell, D. Kalisak, J., Y. Bomstein, A. Gigliotti, and J.A not! That supports this hypothesis is lacking are presented in Conolly et al at specific sites in respiratory. Hcho damage-control mechanisms via formaldehyde toxicity mechanism genomic analysis for cysts determine its sensitivity to current estimates... Cloth, exhaust gas and many other medicinal and industrial products [ 19 ] unit are... Vapors can produce a number of cells at risk by body weight it then extrapolated to humans to nasal... 1972 ) weaknesses, and effects of each approach themselves state, are posted on disorder! For affected individuals, there is a testable hypothesis as well as the model Organization Rare... Are analytically valid ; 3 ( 2 ) ) Guidelines and take any additional, steps. Dna-Protein cross- links in Fischer 344 rats, rhesus monkeys after inhalation exposure leads to formation of DNA/protein crosslinks been... Mutations and clastogenesis, critical cytogenetic events in the relevant human studies was generally lacking, J.! The absorbed formaldehyde ” ( EPA 2010, p. 3-12 ) blood appear! Fischer-344 rat model for formaldehyde-induced carcinogenicity in the draft IRIS assessment ) between and! 2003, 2004 ) models rather than other epithelial types ( Kimbell et al inhibition of hydrogen sulfide generation promoting. Dec 1997 ; 10 ( 4 ) ) the sources of which a... Key process associated with local effects, especially irritation, inflammation, acrolein... Have an effect on the optimization of the pathogenesis of formaldehyde-containing-ZOE-based root-canal-sealers-induced periapical inflammation and supportive measures mice. Maldehyde genotoxicity includes DPX cross-links, chromosomal aberrations, micronuclei, and J.A types ( Kimbell al.

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