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redington vice vs predator

The Redington CRUX comes in 14 different models — from a 7’6″ 3-weight to a 9-foot 10-weight. Redington Classic Trout Redington Predator Fly Rod Redington Crosswater Fly Rod (476-4) - 4 Weight, 7'6" Fly Fishing Rod Redington Hydrogen Fly Rod Description Designed especially for the trout angler. The Predator Family encompasses models ranging from spooky-bonefish duty 5-weights, to tarpon-ready 12-weights, including unique specialty models like a 7’10” 8-weight and dedicated pike and musky models with extended fighting butts for boatside figure-eights. I first fished a Redington fly rod about a dozen years ago—they were a premium partner with Trout Unlimited (and still are, through their parent company, Farbank), and I was able to purchase a rod-and-reel combo for an affordable price in advance of my first-ever … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Redington Path II Fly Rod. 890-4 - This is the all around workhorse and is right at home on the Bonefish flats or pitching baitfish patterns at small Jacks. Haven't used it a … Redington Predator 890-4 Fly Rod Outfit (8wt, 9'0" 4pc) $509.00 $ 509. Casting: The Redington Predator is a rod that is built to deliver big and heavy flies. Impressively, the CRUX is priced at only $399.99 and includes a lifetime warranty. Rod will likely be paired with a Redington Behemoth. $149.99. For anglers taking on a range of such species, from bass to pike to tuna, the rod is designed with the needs of anglers in mind. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. The local shop has recommended this rod or the TFO BVK. Fishable in all water types, the VICE boasts extreme versatility on the water and exudes cool … As I noted, the Redington VICE is a fast-action fly rod, which means it’s stiffer in the lower 3/4 of the rod than slow or medium-action fly rods. The Redington PREDATOR is a fast action rod designed, as you might guess, for predatory species in both fresh and saltwater. Just needs a simple cleaning otherwise a perfect rod. 00. To check out more from Redington, please click here. The P... Jump to content. Get yourself the Redington behemoth for a reel though. TFO BVK vs Redington Predator. $199.99. Only blemish is the discoloration in the handle. Redington … $169.99 Customer Service Order Status … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for REDINGTON Predator Fly Rod at Redington VICE Combo Review: Fishing the VICE. Find great information on all of the latest fly rods from Sage, Winston, Hardy, Greys, Redington, TFO, and more! 23. $139.99. Redington’s 9-weight VICE rod arrived on my porch in all its dapper glory about three weeks before my trip to the Louisiana marshes. Redington was founded in 1992 as the first fly rod company to offer a lifetime warranty on value priced fly rods. Neither rod was all that impressive in performance when compared to the better mid-priced rods in the Shootout. Not really sure about which weight to choose, I settled on the middle option given by most experts. ... TFO BVK vs Redington Predator Sign in to follow this . $169.99 Youth Minnow Combo. The T&T Exocett, meanwhile, offers good strength in the butt, but the tip sensitivity allowed testers to feel the fishes move almost before it … The Redington Vice was all about brute strength and firm control of hard-driving fish. Gear Review: Review of the Predator Fly Rod from Redington. It seems like Redington was way ahead of its' time up to the point Sage bought them. Started by SoFloKing, March 6, 2016. ). Was ahead of everyone. It features a powerful, intuitive fast action that commands enough power to combat big gamefish and pick up and cast today's heavy lines and massive flies. Redington Fly Fishing Rod 690-4S Crux Rod W/Tube 6WT 9-Foot 4pc $363.19. Redington TOPO Complete Fly Fishing Rod Outfit. Light weight and a killer drag for those larger bass and pike, plus it's in your price range and looks great. In this time we have taken along various reels, the majority of them not up to the job. Since, there has been only a few rods that have been okay, a vast majority have been bombs, and Redington keeps turning out duds. And also I'm just looking to get the rod. I already have the reel. That NTi. Was curious if anyone has any experience with the foundation? Over the course of the last several years working in the Fly fishing industry as both a guide and shop owner I have had the opportunity to cast, fish and otherwise play around with just about every type of fly rod. I'm trying to decide between the Orvis Clearwater 8.5' 5 wt rod (which would come out to $270ish after the coupon) or the 8.5' Redington Path outfit, which is on Amazon for about $140.. Is the Clearwater that much better than the Path? $206.89 - $299.99. Redington Predator 890-4 Fly Rod Outfit (8wt, 9'0" 4pc) ... REDINGTON Vice 890-4 Fly Rod Outfit (8wt, 9'0", 4pc) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. We use, test, and review gear including the best camping tents, best fly rod and reel combos, best fishing waders, best soft coolers, best camping stoves, SUPs, bikes, ski and snowboarding gear, and much much more. The moderate action of the rod provides the delicacy needed for technical spring creeks, yet packs enough power for big river and boat fishing. I took the Orvis Fly Fishing 101 class, which gives me a 20% off coupon. Redington Predator 690-4 Fly Rod Outfit (6wt, 9'0" 4pc) ... Redington VICE Fly Fishing Outfit - Fly Rod & Reel Combo 4.5 out of 5 stars 44. New Redington Predator users? Redington should be commended for masterful rod design and a rod that takes them to a whole new level. Redington Rods - Predator Series The all-new PREDATOR is the ultimate fly rod for big flies, heavy lines, and aggressive-fighting fish. (22 days ago) Redington Predator Saltwater Fly Rods *10 - 12 weights feature a larger fighting butt. $219.99. Never used the vice but I've heard good things about it. For this price, it is a quality rod that will be able to cast the big/weighted flies, streamers, and poppers. $219.99 Path Combo. Followers 2. Price: The Predator is an affordable rod that is listed under $300.00. While it is better than the VICE, I’m not sure if it is $200 better. I'm just starting to get into fly fishing. Designed to perform in both fresh- and saltwater, the Redington® Predator Fly Rod series can easily handle any fly fishing assignment, from delicate casting on gin-clear, knee-deep flats to pitching big flies and heavy line between breezy canyon walls. Shop from top brands such as g.loomis, sage, r.l. Redington Predator Fly Fishing Rod 10 Weight 8 Foot 3 Inches 4 Piece + Rod Tube. Funny, I like the casting better in the Vice (their cheaper rod) better than the other 3. Sage Foundation vs. Sage Pulse. The Vice was much better at the longest distances. Redington CRUX 9’#8 4pc $399.95. There’s not much finesse in this rod when it comes to landing fish. It takes some adapting to go from small dries to heavy flies. Man Makes Fire publishes in-depth outdoor gear reviews designed to help you find the right gear for your outdoor adventures. Discussion. Redington’s Predator line are terrific fast action rods ideal for use in salt or fresh water. Redington was the first company to offer a lifetime warranty on their value fly rods. Vice Combo. SUBMIT Customer Service Order Status Repairs Careers Contact Us. These rods are available in a variety of weights and actions, ready for any type of fishing in your future. The CRUX fly fishing rod is built on our Line Speed Taper, for confident short to mid-range delivery of flies and effortless extreme distance casting. We have two Redington rods in this Shootout, with the CRUX being perhaps the best one, but at $200.00 more than the VICE. Redington Chromer. winston rod company The Redington VICE seems dangerous to both the beginner and intermediate angler. CRUX, PREDATOR, OR VICE: CRUX, PREDATOR, OR VICE: PREDATOR: PREDATOR: Sign up for our newsletter. Since then, Redington fly rods have become synonymous with fun, value, and high performance. Stay up to date with the latest news from Redington. $299.99. Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). $299.00. I have both I love the Predator, I have snapped a BVK right at the center ferrule on a small schoolie that i kinda horsed in but it was 2 pound fish. The VICE is available in a wide-range of models from a 7’6″ 3-weight to a 9′ 9-weight. Redington Predator Fly Rod. They sent back a completely new rod. James’ Notes: We have seen better rods from Redington before, (the CPX comes to mind), despite Redington’s claim of the CRUX being the best rod they’ve ever made. In the market for a midrange 8 wt setup to start foray into fly fishing for the upper Texas coast (West Galveston Bay). For line I would go Rio gold or Rio grande, depending on your casting style and fly preference. Find the perfect deal for Fly Fishing Rods 9' Rod 9 Fly Line Weight with free shipping on many items at eBay. I'm looking to get a new 7wt rod for bass and carp. 790-4 - Great for Bonefish and other shallow water species, it could even handle some Snook and Tarpon up to 10 pounds if you choose to use it in the Mangroves. This is a great price for getting into the game our building that ultimate quiver. Fly Rod Reviews Archives Page 1 of 11 - Trident Fly … At an affordable price point, the VICE offers fast action and great casting accuracy and control. $199.99 Crosswater Combo. $379.00. According to Redington the GD is… “an ideal saltwater/freshwater reel because it's so light and so stable” For several years, friends and I have been bothering the salmon of Vancouver Island's beaches with 7 weights. Redington was later acquired by Farbank (the parent company of Sage), and has continued to make great fly rods for a great price (no Sage rejects here! $399.99. Most entry-level fly rods are medium or medium-fast action rods, which tend to bend more during short casts, making them easier to cast short distances. All in all, if you like the action in your Recon, then you will not like this rod, unless you've casted … Rate this topic CPX, Link, Vapen , Vice none are loved , … All models cost $199.95. Thanks to the vid I decided to get the redington predator for my striper/bluefish setup! #21 (tie) Redington CRUX 9 foot #8 $399.95. Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel $299.99 Topo Combo. Redington Classic Trout Fly Rods. Redington Vice Fly Rods and Complete Fly Fishing Outfits. I sent this rod back for repairs about a year ago.

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