Dallas Real Estate Referral Program

Dallas Real Estate Referral Program

Welcome to Our Real Estate Referral Program!

Basic Criteria:

We are looking for houses in the DFW and surrounding areas – the price, the number of bedrooms and the square footage does not matter. The most important thing is that the property be a great deal, and one that other buyers cannot easily find. The very best situation is one where you have specific/personal knowledge, such as knowing someone that is thinking about selling, but hasn’t put the house on the market yet, or a situation where someone has passed away and a property needs to be sold to help the heirs.

Other Criteria when looking for distressed properties:

1. Boarded up houses
2. Notices on the windows and/or doors
3. Grass overgrown/tall weeds in the yard
4. Newspapers and door hangers on the front porch
5. City violation signs in the yard
6. House appear to be dilapidated.
Other potential leads can come from For Sale By Owner signs in the yard

We must at least have an address and one of the above listed reasons why you are submitting the property to us (boarded up, city violation signs in yard, etc.) The owner’s/seller’s information for the property is of great help, but as long as we have a property address and the type of distressed property it is, then we can at least pursue it by mail if the property appears to fit our criteria.

Taking pictures of the front of the property would be great. Any other pictures of interest around the neighborhood would be helpful (for example, a picture of a church or school across the street, railroad tracks or major highways next to the property, etc.) but is not necessary.

Once we close a transaction, a $500 finder’s fee from the proceeds will be issued to you.

To get started, just fill out the form below: